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NC Senate

Senator Dan Blue
District 14
Senator Jay Chaudhuri
District 16
Senator Robert Clark III
District 21
Senator Don Davis
District 5
Senator Toby Fitch
District 7
Senator Valerie Foushee
District 23
Senator Paul Lowe, Jr.
District 32
Senator Floyd B. McKissick, Jr.
District 20
Senator Mujtaba Mohammed
District 38
Senator Gladys A. Robinson
District 28
Senator Erica Smith
District 3
Senator Joyce Waddell
District 40
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NC House of Representatives

Representative James D. Gailliard
District 25
Representative Nashif Majeed
District 99
Representative Kelly Alexander
District 107
Representative Sydney Batch
District 37
Representative Chaz Beasley
District 92
Representative MaryAnn Black
District 29
Representative Cecil Brockman
District 60
Representative Carla Cunningham
District 106
Representative Elmer Floyd
District 43
Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield
District 24
Representative Terry Gerrison
District 32
Representative Rosa Gill
District 33
Representative Charles Graham
District 74
Representative Zack Hawkins
District 31
Representative Yvonne Holley
District 38
Representative Howard Hunter, III
District 5
Representative Brandon Lofton
District 104
Representative Marvin Lucas
District 42
Representative Derwin Montgomery
District 29
Representative Garland Pierce
District 48
Representative Amos Quick
District 58
Representative Robert Reives
District 54
Representative Kandie Smith
District 8
Representative Raymond E. Smith
District 21
Representative Carolyn Logan
District 101
Representative Evelyn Terry
District 71
Representative Shelly Willingham
District 23
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